To maximize our customer’s potential, through the use of innovative and cost effective communications solutions.

It was the brain child of a former US Army Communications Specialist First Class, who desired to use the skills he acquired in the US military to benefit the general public. His work ethic, style, personality, drive and experience were well received. Customers quickly embraced the fresh new approach and their support has not wavered since. The vision to provide excellent, affordable service is still priority #1 all these years later. Our customers still come first, and we are still willing to go above and beyond the status quo to gain and maintain total customer satisfaction. We become part of the team, a trusted extension of your organization: to earn your business the old fashioned way, through honesty, hard work and integrity.

To provide the same level of excellent communications services and solutions to all customers regardless of size, budget or need. The result of our total devotion to upholding this promise is evident in the diversity of our customer base. From multinational corporations, government, non profit organizations, to home businesses, we are truly blessed to have scores of satisfied repeat customers. Our customers are not just customers, they are generously our best form of advertising. We are fully aware that there are other providers who technically may be able to offer a similar end result: however it is our focus and mission to create a special business relationship where you can not only count on us, but trust us and like us.

Teledata’s unique approach to service delivery offers a continuum of Telecommunications and Network Services under on single umbrella — which gives us the ability to provide our customers a beginning and end solution. Starting with a FREE on-site consultation, written estimate, infrastructure wiring, through to system/voice mail, and potentially ends at a desktop or phone unit. Hours of confusing and time-consuming conference calls and negotiations with vendors are eliminated from your busy schedule. Our approach is further designed to maximize your company’s precious communication technology investment. Our professionals have proven certifiable expertise in creating custom, optimized network solutions for a wide range of products, companies and most importantly, differing budgets.

Our passion for “Customer Service is the rule and not the exception”. We are dedicated to keeping the flames of our passion burning brightly. Through continuing education, we stay in tune with the latest cutting edge technology and front line customer service training. You have the options for the most innovative solutions available; solutions that grow as your company grows. We are constantly forging new alliances with manufacturers, companies and other telecom providers, who are in the forefront of research and development.

Our technical team possesses over 35 years of combined experience in the communication sector. We bring valuable up-to-date knowledge to all facets of the services we offer. We recognize that your organization is unique and our solutions should be equally unique. Our technical knowledge, real life, expertise and business acumen are all ingredients in the value-centric services we offer. The extensive experience and knowledge of the staff, combined with our customer focused approach and established partnerships, enables us to offer world class communications technology solutions and hands-on experience. We have a great deal of flexibility in tailoring a solution that is right for your specific needs. Whether your focus is on network design, security, performance or maintenance, Teledata can maximize your potential.